Should we celebrate columbus day letter to the editor

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Should we celebrate columbus day letter to the editor

Why we should still celebrate Columbus Day — The Daily Campus

Before the UC Berkeley campus or the city of Berkeley existed, there was Ohlone land, inhabited by the Ohlone people — a fact that the city must more actively recognize.

Native groups identify Fourth St. Requests to develop the land were recently rejected by the city — another positive example of the city supporting its indigenous residents.

Berkeley should continue to demonstrate its valuing of indigenous histories and adopt this suggestion. The campus continues to hold the bones of hundreds of Native American people.

According to Phenocia Bauerle, director of the campus Native American Student Development office, UC Berkeley has only repatriated a mere 14 percent of its collections. Hearst Museum of Anthropology as one of the largest holders of Native American human remains and cultural items in the country.

The bill intends to facilitate the repatriation of these items to their respective tribes. On this issue, the state took a step in the right direction. But with the veto of ABthe state took a major step backward. AB proposed a three-year pilot program that would mandate a one-semester or yearlong ethnic studies course as a graduation requirement for high school students.

AB would have ensured that schools across California were educating students on important issues from a young age, addressing the racist and colonialist history of the United States and holidays such as Columbus Day. In many ways, Berkeley is a leader in recognizing and fighting for indigenous histories and spaces.

The city needs to prioritize uplifting the narratives of a community that has been unfairly neglected for far too long.

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Should we celebrate columbus day letter to the editor

Where people lead, Idaho government follows and there are so many here in Columbus,” Davis said. “We thought it was important to honor them with that day off.

But for countless people in my community, Columbus, and Columbus Day, represent an opportunity to celebrate our contributions to this country,” John M.

Should we celebrate columbus day letter to the editor

Viola, president of the National Italian. Submit a Letter to the Editor; Submit a News Tip; and there are so many here in Columbus," Davis said. "We thought it was important to honor them with that day off." "Use this day to.

The thrust of the argument can be summed up in the quote: “All Native Americans should celebrate Columbus Day, even if they have reservations about honoring Christopher Columbus himself.”. Oct 05,  · Attendees brought the idea in front of the Berkeley City Council, after which they “appointed a task force to investigate the ideas and Columbus’ historical legacy.” Two years later, council members officially instated Indigenous Peoples’ Day in lieu of Columbus by a unanimous vote.

Starting with Berkeley, California, in , cities started renaming the second Monday in October “Indigenous People's Day” to shift focus from the conqueror to the conquered. Since August, eight cities have replaced Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples' Day, including several in just the last week.

This follows both Minneapolis and Seattle, .

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